The UK’s Premier Festival & Competition
for Amateur Wine & Beer Enthusiasts
Friday 3rd May to Monday 6th May 2019


Our 2018 event just finished hosted amateur enthusiasts from across the country  in Torquay, for tutored wine and beer tastings and a 1000 entry competition and full bank holiday weekend entertainment package.

The Wales and West Federation of Wine and Craft Beer Makers is an organisation based in, as the name suggests, Wales and the South West of England. Our prime function is to organise one of the largest Festivals in the UK and to act as a communication centre for social groups interested in tasting and learning about wine or beer, craft brewing groups and amateur wine circles.
Our members come from a wide area of approximately a hundred mile radius around our meeting place in Caldicot just by the Severn Bridge. And we, in turn, are members of the National Association, linked to other Regional Federations throughout the country,  to the National Guild of Wine and Beer Judges and the Beer Judges Certification Program

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