Competition Trophies and Awards

Wales & West Wine Federation List of Trophies
Class Trophy Type Class Trophy Type
1 Nichols Cup Table Red Dry 43 Howard Carter Trophy Light Lager, O.G. 35-40
2 Wales & West Bristol 1973 Table Red Sweet 44 Gilbertson Tankard Strong Lager, O.G. 50-65
3 A.W.S.W.Cup Table White Dry 45  Barry Brewers Shield Light Ale, O.G. 30-35
4 Wales & West Cardiff 1974 Table White Sweet 46  Toule Tankard Pale Ale (or Bitter), O.G. 40-45
5 B.O.A.C. Speedbird Cup Table White Medium Sweet 47  Pike Trophy Brown Ale, O.G. 40-50 (Newcastle Type)
6 Bristol Wine Circle Cup Table Rose Medium Sweet 48  Craine Tankard Dry Stout, O.G. 45-50
7 Wales & West Clevedon 1976 Aperitif Dry.Citrus 49  Bakers Trophy Sweet Stout, O.G. 40-45
8 Scantlebury Trophy Aperitif Dry.Herbal or Spiced 50 Doug Danks Trophy Barley Wine, O.G. 90 upwards
9 Wales & West Cardiff 1977 Aperitif.Sweet 51 Ken Shaw Trophy Porter, O.G. 60 – 70
10 Wales & West Stroud 1978 Social White 52 Luton Friendship Cup Three Bottle Class
11 Wales & West Brean 1979 Social.Elderflower 53 Hambleton Bard Trophy German Style Wheat Beer, O.G. 45-60
12 Aberdare Trophy Social Red 54 Somerset County Trophy Dark Mild O.G. 40-50
13 Bath Circle Goblet After Dinner Wine.Red Sweet. 55 Wills Trophy Black Lager [Schwarzbier; Dunkel] O.G. 45-55
14 Bert Bright Cup After Dinner Wine.White to Brown. 56 Rumney Wine Guild Cup Saison [Pale] O.G. 50-65
15 Penarth Trophy Sherry Type.Dry 57 Craine Trophy Irish Red Ale O.G. 40-50
16 Charles Hooker Trophy Sherry Type.Sweet 58 Caldicot Trophy American Double IPA, O.G. 65-85
17 Bert Hall Trophy Fresh Grape.Red Dry. 59 Kewstoke Trophy Belgian Strong Ale, O.G. 70-95
18 Roy Rendell Millennium Trophy Fresh Grape.White Dry. 60 Bill Berrecloth Memorial Salver Russian Imperial Stout O.G. 75 upwards
19 Catherine Craine Trophy Three Bottles for Dinner. 61 Susan Clark Trophy Victoria Sandwich Jam Only
Table White Dry 62 Eve & Maurice Townsend Trophy 1 Lemon Drizzle Cake
Table Red Dry 63 Whitchurch Trophy 3 Plain Medium Scones
Table White Sweet 64 Sand Bay Trophy Jam 1lb Jar
20 Mardons Trophy Liqueur.Fruit Based. 65 Hollybush Trophy Chutney 1lb Jar
21 Priory Group 1977 Liqueur.Chocolate or Coffee Based. 66 Wally Doman Trophy Cartoon.Original humorous cartoon depicting aspect of Wine or Beer making
22 Haydn Herbert Shield. Liqueur.Herbal/Spiced. 67 Thamesdown Trophy Photograph depicting wine or beer making
23 Dorcan Trophy. Mead.Medium
24 City of Gloucester Trophy Novices.Social Red. Special Trophies
25 Anne Hickey Trophy Novices.Table Red Dry.
26 Sperry Trophy. Novices Social White A Bruce Smith Trophy Most points Classes 28 to 33
27 Frome Trophy Novices,Table White Dry. B Gerry Hickey Trophy  Lady with most points Classes 1 to 12
28 P.K.& P.G.Trophy Table Red, Dry (Closed) C Carl Jones Trophy Judge with most points Classes 1 to 23
29 Speedbird Challenge Shield. Table Red, Sweet (Closed) D Bishops Cleeve Shield. Most points Classes 1 to 37 & 43 to 60
30 Farmborough Trophy. Table White, Dry (Closed) E George Lashbrook Trophy Circle with most points in Classes 61 to 67
31 John Jones Memorial Cup Table White Sweet (Closed) F Circle Challenge Cup Circle with most points in Classes 1 to 27
32 The Jubilee Cup 2012 Table .Rose.Medium Dry (Closed) G South Gloucestershire Trophy Circle with most points in Classes 43 to 60
33 Betty Sroud Trophy After Dinner Wine.Red Sweet(Closed) H Leytonian Cup Non-Affiliated Circle with most points in Classes 1 to 27 & 34 to 67
34 Torquay Holiday Park 2001 Fruit Base White, Medium Sweet I W & W Federation Circle Championship Circle with most points in Classes 35 to 45
35 Warmley and District Trophy Root or Vegetable White, Medium Sweet J Peter Coombs Trophy Judge with points in Classes 43 to 60
36 Maurice Chant Trophy Flower or Herb, Any Colour, medium dry K Lillian Lucas Trophy Novice of the Year. Most points in Classes 24 to 27
37 Trowbridge Trophy Fruit Base Red, Sweet L Mendip Trophy Cook of the Year. Most points in Classes 61 to 65
38 Betty Stephens-Jones Memorial Trophy Table White Sweet (Circle) M Ken Perry Trophy Competitor with most points in Classes 43 to 60
39 Bert Hill Trophy Table Red, Dry (Circle) N Bridgwater Trophy Competitor with most points in Classes 1 to 37
40 Pontins Salver Table White, Dry (Circle)
41 Wales and West Committee 1979 Table Red, Sweet (Circle)
42 John Toule Federation Trophy Four Bottles for a Dinner